Back in Time 3 sells out

02/10/2002Today Back in Time 3 sold out completely (no jokes at the back please!). Chances of a future repress obviously depend on demand and funds being available, but it's unlikely in the short to medium term. If a repress does happen, it's likely to be Back in Time 3 lite with the booklet concentrating on the storyline, since the cost of a 24 page full-colour booklet is non-trivial.
Submitted by Chris Abbott

reFX announce OctaSID

23/09/2002reFX are working on OctaSID, the sequel to the well-known QuadraSID. This VST PlugIn will allow you to play up to 8 SIDs in your favourite VST-compatible sequencer (Cubase, Logic etc...) - and if that's not enough, just open another instrument! I.e. in Cubase SX you can open up to 16 VSTis, that's hmmm... 128 SIDs. SID-Overdose?
Submitted by Dr Future

Immortal 2 Released

22/09/2002Immortal 2, the sequel to the Amiga remix CD Immortal produced in 2000 by Ruben Monteiro, has now been released on the Synsoniq label. The project is notable for using the original composers to remix virtually all of the tracks. Highlights include Richard Joseph covering his James Pond 2 themes, SWIV, and the legendary music from Battle Squadron. Fabian Del Priore of Merregnon (and Back in Time 3) is the only guest remixer, deputising for Chris Huelsbeck on Jim Power. This time around, head of the project was Back in Time Live attendee Jan Zottman, a scene stalwart.

Immortal 2 can be purchased from Synsoniq, Lynnemusic or at
Submitted by Chris Abbott

New article: The Scene

21/09/2002In this article, Craig Grannell (art editor of the recent Zzap!64 magazine) shares his views about charts, the quality of free and commercial mixes, and The Scene in general.

Check it out at the articles section!
Submitted by LMan

Time out!!!!

12/09/2002I've decided to have a long break from the scene starting from today. I'll visit here periodically, but i'm growing tired and need to have a break.

Take care everyone, and look after the scene for me!!
Submitted by Tas

Remix64 Radioshow to be moved and needs help!

04/09/2002The plans for remix64 - The radioshow are growing, when we build upon what we have already done. Plans for a radioshow volume 2 are already being worked upon.

The plans to make the show longer with articles, interviews, more humourous presenting, and with 2 streams one at 56k and one at 128k with no pop ups or needless in-stream adds.

However we desperately need someone who would be kind enough to donate 30gb bandwidth a month. if anyone one can help in this matter please contact Thankyou.
Submitted by Tas

Radioshow ON AIR!!!!

01/09/2002It's here, it's live and it's fun fun fun!!!
Submitted by Tas

Sign Remix64's petition.

28/08/2002The c64 remixing comunity deserves better media coverage. We have three major Websites, Proffesional CD's, Live events, Radioshows, and many many more things, making the c64 remixing scene one (if not THE) biggest underground comunities.

Please sign my petition by clicking the contact link below. I'll then automatically add you to our petition.

Come on guys, it's about time the media got off there arses and did something about our comunity.

just click the link below with the words...Petition and your name. When we feel that we have enough people on the petition we'll send it to as many media sources as we know!
Submitted by Tas

Help us to help you

24/08/2002We are always interested in promoting the scene, the CD's and other ambitious ventures. Now you can help remix64 and by simply contacting any media resources from around the world who might be interested in carrying articles/reviews or any type of information regarding the scene.

We need YOUR assistance to help promote the scene, and if you manage to get any type of media interested and who actually publish an article about the c64 rfemix scene and/or the CD's available then will send you some CD's.

This is a chance for you to be part of the scene in a big way, and gaining something from your efforts. The scene needs to be recognised and by helping us and helping yourself we can make this type of music a valued treasure.
Submitted by Tas

Sponsorship required.

17/08/2002The remix64 radioshow kicks of shortly, it's about 4 hours long.. We are using the show as a pilot show to see how the thing shapes up. Southpole Radio are in need of sponsorship/funding to help expand it's operations, thus expanding the potential of the c64 radioshow.

If anyone wishes to sponsor the show, the radiostation, or the websites then you will help us to get a vision into reality. Contact either me or Jesper from Southpole radio.
Submitted by Tas