Radioshow ON AIR!!!!

01/09/2002It's here, it's live and it's fun fun fun!!!
Submitted by Tas

Sign Remix64's petition.

28/08/2002The c64 remixing comunity deserves better media coverage. We have three major Websites, Proffesional CD's, Live events, Radioshows, and many many more things, making the c64 remixing scene one (if not THE) biggest underground comunities.

Please sign my petition by clicking the contact link below. I'll then automatically add you to our petition.

Come on guys, it's about time the media got off there arses and did something about our comunity.

just click the link below with the words...Petition and your name. When we feel that we have enough people on the petition we'll send it to as many media sources as we know!
Submitted by Tas

Help us to help you

24/08/2002We are always interested in promoting the scene, the CD's and other ambitious ventures. Now you can help remix64 and by simply contacting any media resources from around the world who might be interested in carrying articles/reviews or any type of information regarding the scene.

We need YOUR assistance to help promote the scene, and if you manage to get any type of media interested and who actually publish an article about the c64 rfemix scene and/or the CD's available then will send you some CD's.

This is a chance for you to be part of the scene in a big way, and gaining something from your efforts. The scene needs to be recognised and by helping us and helping yourself we can make this type of music a valued treasure.
Submitted by Tas

Sponsorship required.

17/08/2002The remix64 radioshow kicks of shortly, it's about 4 hours long.. We are using the show as a pilot show to see how the thing shapes up. Southpole Radio are in need of sponsorship/funding to help expand it's operations, thus expanding the potential of the c64 radioshow.

If anyone wishes to sponsor the show, the radiostation, or the websites then you will help us to get a vision into reality. Contact either me or Jesper from Southpole radio.
Submitted by Tas

c64 Remixes appear on CD for superplay

17/08/2002Two tracks from Remix64 have appeared on the swedish magazine Superplay. There's also tracks from Bit 2 & 3, Instant Remedy, Galway Remixed and Karma64. It's out now!
Submitted by Tas

Merregnon 2 - NEWS

07/08/2002Merregnon 2 is well into production. The image here, shows Andy Brick Conducting the Prague Symphony Orchestra working on Merregnon 2.

Merregnon 2 has already been signed to a major record label and is set to be released in shops across the world. While Merregnon broke standards, Merregnon 2 is certainly gonna cause a stir when released in the 4th quarter this year.
Submitted by Tas

Merchandise For Remix64 Radio Show available

20/07/2002T-shirts, Cups, Hats, and even a mousemat have been designed, and are available at Southpole's remix64 radio show's shop.

Click the link below and go and get some 😊
Submitted by Tas

Coming Soon..... Remix64 Radio Show

17/07/2002Shortly We'll be launching Remix64 Radio. Complete With c64 remixes, Presenting, Adverts, chat and anything else we can dream up. 😊

There are some spare advertising slots left. They are FREE slots too, so be quick and get in contact with me if you want to advertise on the show.

The show will be hosted on the radio Channel Southpole Radio.

Stay tuned for further announcements.
Submitted by Tas

8-Bit Weapon is FREE.

17/07/2002Seth has told remix64 that the 8bit weapon will be released as a free cd, with every purchase of his forthcoming album super fantastic. It'll be a double album retailing at the same price as a single album. Estimated retail price of $12 to $14. The Album is scheduled for a spring/summer 2003 release.
Submitted by Tas

Galway Remixed - Reviewed

16/07/2002Two very different reviews here of Reyn Ouwehands Galway Remixed.

Click Reviews to
Submitted by Tas