New "Amiga Immortal" album now shipping!


German distributor MAZ Sound Tools has finally started shipping the latest entry in the acclaimed Immortal CD series. Just like the previous volume, Immortal 4 was produced by scene veteran Jan Zottmann. This double CD set has a total playing time of 157+ minutes and features arrangements from popular games like Lemmings, Flashback, Wolfchild, Leisure Suit Larry, Turrican 2, or Wing Commander - many of them achieved by the original composers! MP3 preview clips and additional information are available from the MAZ online shop at

Submitted by Jim Power

BAFTA Awards ceremony features SID remixes

16/03/2011Tonight's BAFTA awards in videogames will feature excerpts of SID remixes as background music and for walking to the stage and stuff.

Programme that will be Streamed live on, and on the evening of 16th March, 2011 and will also be available by means of streaming only, on website

I only just got told which ones out of the loads they listened to they wanted to use, so apologies to remixers and performers (and especially Reyn) than I had to sign off on these this afternoon in a hurry. I thought they'd give me a couple of weeks so I could get to everyone individually.

Anyway, here's the remixes they're using:

Reyn - Galway - Comic Bakery (Title)
Abbott - Hubbard - Thalamusik 2000
Reyn - Daglish- Bombo
Tron - Hubbard – Sanxion
Reyn - Daglish - Deflektor
Makke - Reyn - Last Ninja III
Makke - Joseph - Sacred Armour of Antiriad
Donne - Hubbard - Knucklebusters
Instant Remedy - Hubbard - Commando
Donne - Hubbard - Lightforce
Reyn - Follin - Magic Johnson's Basketball
Reyn - Norman - Aztec Challenge
Reyn - Cooksey - Ghosts and Goblins
Reyn - Galway - Arkanoid (Title)
Reyn - Galway - Parallax (Title)

Thanks and congratulations to all composers and remixers involved: being played at a BAFTA awards ceremony is a medium-size deal

Fastfingers synthesizer coming back to life

11/03/2011Dan Laskowski, designer of the 1984 mono lead synthesizer and sequencer software "Fastfingers" on the c64, has recently re-issued the software. The latest version has been improved with better tuning and a new save routine.

By employing all 3 oscillators of the SID chip, Fastfingers generates rich, warm analogue synth sounds, craved so much by contemporary music producers.

Dan Laskowski is already making plans for further improvements, or even a version 2.0 of Fastfingers.

Paul 'DJ Skitz' Hadrill: 1971-2011

16/02/2011On the evening of February 16th 2011, Paul Hadrill passed away, a victim to the brain tumor he was diagnosed with 5 years ago.
Apart from being an all-around nice guy both in real life and on the forum, he was also a very profecient remixer
and a DJ on SLAY Radio. Skitz passed away in his sleep, surrounded by his family.
He will be missed by us all.

ROTY 2010 - The votes are in!


We have been taking your votes for various categories including the one that the initials come from - Remixer of the Year.

The award show will be presented and broadcast by SLAY Radio, Sunday 16th January, 20:00 CET. It will also be relayed by SceneSat Radio.

Join your hosts, Boz and Slaygon, with a round-up of the year's events followed by the awards ceremony itself.

ARGH! Only 3 days left and I don't know who to vote for!

07/01/2011Yes folks, ROTY 2010 voting closes on Monday night!

To ease your decision, the ROTY voting page now has a sorting feature that allows you to gain a quick overview about:

  • Which acts had the highest average scores?
  • Who released the most?
  • Who was newcomer, who was veteran?
Simply click the column headlines.

10 years of Remix.Kwed.Org

23/11/2010Happy 10th anniversary, Remix.Kwed.Org!!!

On the 23rd November in the year 2000, a new website revolutionised the then young c64 remixing community: Remix.Kwed.Org, lovingly named RKO by its users, went officially online. Offering vast webspace and free bandwidth, and employing latest web technologies, its founder Jan Lund Thomsen finally enabled artists to submit their remixes into a free, central, automatic music repository. This system compelled by its minimal design and ease-of-use, quickly superseding or complementing the conglomerate of websites that existed before (Triad's mp3 site being the most popular), which were loosely organised via the c64rmx yahoogroup.

The success of RKO lay the groundwork for many of the scene websites that came after, including

Thanks Jan for 10 years of ceaseless service to the scene!

- The staff -

ROTY voting 2010 begins

22/11/2010Very much belated, this year's votings for Remixer Of The Year 2010 have begun. You can vote for your favourites in various categories, either at the ROTY tab in the voting box, or directly at the central ROTY voting page.

Have fun, and vote like crazy! :-)

Email and password trouble

21/11/2010An unnoticed problem with the email engine prevented the submission of emails through the website since October. This was not indicated by any error message - the mails simply weren't sent. Affected services:

- Signup confirmation mails
- Mails sent to the staff or other members through the contact sheet
- Password recovery

Another related mishap caused the loss of all user passwords. They have been recovered from a backup made in March 2010 - if you have changed your password in the meantime, it will have reverted to the old one. Members who have joined after March 2010 have been provided with new random passwords via email.

Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Forum cleanup

02/11/2010We have cleaned up the Commodore Remix Forum. Several related categories have been merged, the "Regional Threads" category has been removed. We've made these changes to ease keeping track of topics otherwise located in less frequented categories, and in general for a better overview.