Last Ninja Musicology reviewed by LaLa


Massive respects to the FastLoaders!


Remixing tunes from The Last Ninja is a tricky business - seemingly everybody remembers them differently. Remixing them in a hard rock style is even trickier - mostly because music from the Last Ninja series has been remixed over and over so many times on RKO already (well over 200 remixes and counting). Yet, the FastLoaders, a group of Last Ninja enthusiasts / rock-band from Norway have managed to do it better than most by treating the tunes with utmost care and respect, with faithful arrangements, and with impeccable mixing.

Submitted by LMan

New C64 SID Album by 8 Bit Weapon!

Greetings Programs!

Our new chipmusic concept album is a collection of ambient music crafted to help facilitate relaxation. Over 1 hour of mind defragmenting tones for you to enjoy! Each sound is hand crafted from the Commodore 64 personal computer's SID sound chip. Portions of the album were co-written by a computer as many of the notes were set to be selected by the CPU at random! All tones have been digitally processed for maximum smoothness and optimum ambiance. Relax and Enjoy!

See what some original SID Composer legends have to say about the album:

It's beautiful... it's a work of art... genius. - Martin Galway

Top notch! I both enjoy and respect it. - David Warhol

Very nice and soothing lengthy 8-bit soundscapes... nice for digital meditation! Nice work ! - Jeroen Tel

So ambient my hips fell off - Ben Daglish




Seth & Michelle

Submitted by 8BitWeapon

Last Ninja Music(ology) Kickstarter


Finally, the Last Ninja Trilogy gets a full set of remixes!

Submitted by Chris Abbott

ROTY Awards 2015 with Steph and Kevman - Show Report


The show kicked off on Satudary 6th February 2016 at 20:00CET, with a joint broadcast on and, for the first time hosted by Steph and Kevman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As usual, the setting for the show was a rundown of the most successful remixes of each month, in the categories c64. Amiga and Scene Albums, spiced with Scene news of the year.


After 20 minutes, the first winners were announced for Best Newcomer 2015. The #1 price in that category went to Tim Wright aka CoLD SToRAGE, who had released 6 remixes in 2015.


During the show there was a surprise preview for Project: Sidologie with an awesome remix of Trap by Marcel Donné.


The next awards category was Best Amiga Remix, where daxx was once again able to score a top position, this time with two tracks at once: Stardust Memories and Mega-Lo-Mania Orchestra Medley.


Erwin "Tron" Beekveld was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award 2015 for his long time continuing support, contribution and friendship to the scene.


Up next, Best c64 remix went to Slaygon with his tribute to DJ Skitz, Never Die.


In the category Best Veteran Mordi was able to score the top position, closely followed by daXX.


Finally, the grand prix of the remixing scene, the Remixer Of The Year Award 2015 was won by MRT, with daXX and Mordi coming in a very close shared second place.


Congratulations everyone, you've all deserved it. And remember, you are all winners! Thank you for keeping the scene alive, and thank you Steph and Kevman for the awesome show!

Submitted by LMan

SIDrip Alliance ReLive - Album now listed on Remix64, plus review by LaLa


The recent album ReLive by the SIDrip Alliance is now fully listed at Remix64. That means you can now go and listen to the tracks and leave your votes here at This is a nice way to give something back to the artists, so head over to the album page.


The album is available as free download  on their homepage, and if you're still not convinced to grab your copy, read the review by LaLa.


Submitted by LMan

ReLive - a free SID remix album by SIDrip


During AROK Party 2015, SIDrip released a free remix album called ReLive. As the title tells it is a live-in-studio record. If you are into remixes played by real instruments, check this out.

Submitted by NecroPolo

C64 videogame pioneer Jeroen Tel’s new Remake Album


Fans of video game music, chip music, SID music or C64 game music gotta check out:
Jeroen Tel - Tel Me More 

C64 video game music pioneer Jeroen Tel has launched this IndieGogo project with the aim
to release a C64 remake album featuring at least 12 of his best known classics.

Submitted by LMan

Marcel's Project Sidologie 50% funded after three hours


Marcel Donne's latest Sidologie outing Project Sidologie is now kickstartering at

Submitted by Chris Abbott

C64 Music Concert Kickstarter over tomorrow... will BIT Live live or die?


Back in Time Brighton 2015, starring SID80s, PRESS PLAY ON TAPE and FastLoaders/The Last Ninjas is 90% funded in a nailbiter of a finish. Even if you don't go, you can back. Chris Huelsbeck and Matt Gray will be there, and backers get digital rewards even if the Kickstarter failes!


Kickstarter ends 8th March 19:00GMT. It's not too late!

Submitted by Chris Abbott

New voting box


Dear voters, we have created a new and improved voting box. So what's new?

  • The smileys are bigger ;)

  • Faster, more responsive interface

  • No more tabs, no more clutter

  • Vote a red smiley to unlock ROTY checkboxes

  • New 1-click ROTY voting

  • Saving doesn't interrupt playback

  • Type into the review box to unlock the review smileys (technical / artistic / nostalgic)

Meaning, you can do the same as before with far fewer clicks. Thank you for supporting the artists with your valuable feedback!!


Submitted by LMan