New Album From FastLoaders Amiga Rocks Released Today!

FastLoaders   Amiga Rocks

Rollicking rock-remixers of Last Ninja Musicology fame have just dropped their latest album Amiga Rocks, which - as its title suggests - contains 3 disks full of rock-oriented remixes of Amiga classics like Shadow of the Beast, Turrican II, Lotus Turbo Challenge and many others.

Backers of their Kickstarter project received their digital copies today (Oct. 1, 2020), and physical CDs have already started to be dispatched to all corners of the world, too.


If you missed out on the Kickstarter, fear not, buy your copy today here: Amiga Rocks online order page.


And when you listen to the album, don't forget to vote on your favorite tracks right here on Remix64.com!