Remix64 Volume 2 - Into Eternity coming to RKO

Remix64 Volume 2: Into Eternity

In 2003 Remix64's second album Into Eternity was published. Today, I'm pleased to announce it will be available to all as singles. From today and periodically over the next few week we'll be publishing a remix from the album on RKO as a thank you for being with us all these years and also is a way to give back to those whom have given to us  joy with their fantastic remixes. Thank you all. 


The first track from the album will be Jan Morgensten's majestic lion king-esque Armageddon Man - African Dream. Go ahead it's yours to listen to for FREE. 


To keep up to date on further releases from the album be sure to check our Facebook page where we'll announce them as they arrive on RKO.