Remixer of the Year Awards 2012

ROTY Trophy 2012

The Remixer of the Year Awards 2012 awards show was aired by the SLAY Radio staff on SLAY Radio and SceneSat Radio, February 23rd 2013.

Mordi, was the big winner of 2012, who won the main price Remixer Of The Year for the 3rd time, and also scoring the top positions for Best c64 with "Tristesse" and Best Amiga Remix "The Great Bath of the Seven Seas".

The first award of the night went to Xerxes as best newcomer for his remix of RSI Megademo - Ba1..

Daxx and Allister Brimble unbelievably shared the crown for Best Veteran with 100 points each, with Peter W following at #2 VERY closely with a score of 99 points. This is double tragic since he missed the top position for best c64 remix by one point, too.

Mattias Bergsten (fnordpojk) was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his numerous contributions to the scene and his vital tech knowledge and support to the scene radio stations.