Space Explorer Polaris - 6581 SID Reborn, produced by Pawel Osmolski

Space Explorer Polaris has finally launched into space, with the aim to push the sonic boundaries of traditional 6581 SID music.

This project is the solo effort of C64 SID remixer Pawel Osmolski, and after a month of preparation, the result is something fresh, hypnotic, yet blissfully nostalgic. Staying close to the melodic haunts of Rob Hubbard, Jeroen Tel, and likened to the softer side of famed electronic composer Richard D. James. Please prepare yourself for take off and enjoy your flight!

Track Listing:

01: Space Explorer Polaris
02: Moon Hopper
03: Northern Cross
04: Autopilot to Cassiopeia
05: Caph
06: Retro Space Dancer

Available on Bandcamp:

Space Explorer Polaris - C64 Tape Loader Music Video: