Timbaland 'fesses up to videogame idiots worldwide

In a revealing radio interview, Timbaland (famed Hip Hop Producer and well known SID fan) appeared to inadvertently confess to the theft of "Acid Jazz Evening" from Janne Sunni and Glenn Rune Gallefoss while trying to defend himself.

His main legal argument appears to be that the use of the tune was legal sampling because:
  1. He damn too important
  2. He didn't go round the guy's house or nuffink
  3. He's never been to Finland, and...
  4. The piece was written by "a videogame idiot", so it doesn't count.
Seasoned observers now expect digital effigies of Timbaland to be made into game characters and killed in a variety of entertaining, yet gruesome, ways.

The apparent admission that he doesn't know where his samples come from is a gift to the case against him and Geffen Records.