Producer "Timbaland" in unauthorised SID usage allegations

As has been reported on the forum last october, the track "Do It" on Nelly Furtado's album "Loose" appears to contain complete parts of the SID tune "Acid Jazz" by Glenn Rune Gallefoss (GRG). "Do It" has been produced by the famous hip-hop producer Timbaland. Whether or not Nelly Furtado or the label were aware of the potential problems of this apparent borrowing is unclear.

GRG's tune has been released in 2002, and is itself a sanctioned cover version of the tune "Acidjazzed Evening" by Tempest (Janne Suni), which won the Assembly music competition in 2000.

The original composer and remixer state that neither the record company nor the Producer approached them for permission, leading to an upsurge in media interest in the story, helped in no small way by the Composer himself. Timbaland, being on tour, cannot yet be reached for comment, though one of his staff has hinted publicly on digg.com that when he comes back from tour he might join the discussion. Join the discussion at our messageboard.