Editorial Reviews

Review: It's Binary, Baby!

The boy done good. And he likes bicycles!

Requiem for Music By Design: Remix64 Vol 2

A review of "Remix64 Volume 2: Into Eternity" by Andrew Fisher (Merman)

Review: Sidologie (Review by LaLa)

Another review of Sidologie by that purveyor of controversy and SIDEdit, Imre Olajos Jr., better known to us as "LaLa".

Review: Run/Stop Restore

LaLa considers the gold-award winning CD that is Press Play on Tape's second magnum opus. Or, for those of a less wordy disposition: "it's good innit?"

Review: 8-Bit Weapon

Seth Sternberger is known for his radical SID beatz and Sidstation use: especially live. Here he makes his long-awaited CD project available free of charge. Andrew Fisher consumed it, and reported back...

Output64 - reviewed by Waz

An alternative review from Warren Pilkington, a man well versed in indie music, and as ex-HVSC admin, well placed to pass a critical eye over this controversial release!

Review: 8-Bit Stylez

An unusual review this: a sample CD set containing nothing but pure SID samples. It's as extensive as the price is large, but is it worth it? Chris Abbott reveals all...

Review: Output64

Once in a while a record company has an idea. The big idea of this one? Hire the "best" underground remixers, produce a C64 cover album and aim it at DJs. Did it succeed? What do you think? A review by Chris Abbott. Sour grapes? Nah...

Review: Sidologie

Sidologie is Marcel Donné's pet project: a set of C64 remixes paying tribute to Jarre and Vangelis. Andrew Fisher ponders Marcel's magnum opus...

Review: Crystal Dreamscapes

Crystal Dreamscapes, by Orpheus, is billed as "The First New Age C64 CD". Does it live up to that billing? Andrew Fisher, independent reviewer, ponders the 12 tracks with suitable crystal clarity.