Editorial Reviews

Review: Immortal 2

Here we have it, the second CD in the series of Immortal. Ruben Monterio released the original Immortal, but this time Jan Zottman takes over the reign of producing and continues the series with Immortal 2.

Remix64 The CD - Independent Review

Here is another in High Technology Publishing’s excellent range of remix CD’s, and this one has taken some unusual choices in track line up. Familiar tracks from Rob Hubbard and Martin Galway are joined by some less well known tracks.

Review: Galway Remixed

Reyn should be familiar to many by now as a fine Sid Composer. But also for his superb CD Nexus. Now Reyn lends his hand to a new CD, "Galway Remixed". Featuring 11 of Galway's c64 tunes.

Review: Instant Remedy

Instant Remedy has been gaining a huge reputation as a remixer of C64 tunes, and here is a CD full of them! The 15 tracks last over 70 minutes...

Review: PPOT - Loading Ready Run

Press Play on tape are a Danish Band well known for playing famous c64 anthems live. This CD features 14 tracks and just under 60 mins of music. The music on this CD is not of the normal synthesised nature, but all the tunes are created using real instruments. 2 keyboards, bass, guitar and drums. In this case it means a more personal and characteristic performance for gives the listener a fresher approach to the art of c64 remxing.

Review: Nexus 6581

Reyn Owuehand composed many great c64 Anthems; Last Ninja 3, Flimbo's Quest spring to mind. Who better than the original composer to bring these and many other tunes to life. So here we are Reyn's first C64 remix album Nexus.

Review: Unfortunate Brain Chemistry

The first thing that instantly strikes you about this CD is the considerable amount of attention that has been applied to the use of stereo. Seth has worked exceptionally hard to use its full effect.

QuadraSID VSTi PlugIn Review - by Thomas Detert

When I stoped composing and releasing C64-SID Tunes in 1994 , it wasn't because i was tired of the sound, it was more that the C64 Game-Market dropped at once and the SID Chip had reached it's limit at this time for me. But in the last 5 years, I always wanted something that does sound like the SID in my commercial CD-Releases 'cos the SID-Sound itself was still in my ears!

Review: Merregnon Soundtrack

Many people will have a boyhood fantasy about lands rich with Enchantment and mystery. Lands where Dragon's roam freely, and tales of battles between magi and warriors. Merregnon gives the opportunity to visit just this land in a musically
crafted epic.

Review: Chemical Rock

The music that appears on this CD are not remixes, they are real SIDS taken from Paul's work with games, demos etc between the years 1994 - 1998. These tunes were designed on his first Sid Chip the 8580. These tunes would have sounded very different on the 6581 chip. Paul explains...

"The only reason for releasing them on CD was because they were done on 8580 Sid chip most people with 6581's never got to hear what they actually sounded like. They are real genuine Sid tunes though, all using only 3 channels!!!"