Chemical Rock - CD Review

Paul Kubizyn
Published By: StudioX64
Price: £10.99 (UK) £12.99 (overseas) All inclusive

The music that appears on this CD are not remixes, they are real SIDS taken from Paul's work with games, demos etc between the years 1994 - 1998. These tunes were designed on his first Sid Chip the 8580. These tunes would have sounded very different on the 6581 chip. Paul explains...

The only reason for releasing them on CD was because they were done on 8580 Sid chip most people with 6581's never got to hear what they actually sounded like. They are real genuine Sid tunes though, all using only 3 channels!!!
Paul Kubiszyn's Chemical Rock


The music found on this CD has been digitally enhanced with the latest digital equipment under studio conditions. There are 26 tracks amounting to 72 minuets.

The Decision to release a CD full of enhanced Sids for £10.99 is debatable… Especially considering for roughly the same price you can buy quality remix CD's like the Bit's and Nexus. In defence of the CD these tunes are originals and Paul's own work. However I feel that the CD should have been made available as FREE mp3's or at least offered at a much lower price.

The sids on this CD varies from mellow to dance to rock, so there is much variance to be found. The music is addictive and highly original. As a collection of sids this CD is excellent, but under the current shape and form of the scene I can't help but feel this shouldn't have ever been released as a CD.

The highlight of the CD is Chemical Rock, which ironically can be downloaded free at studioX64.

All in all the CD is good as a Sid collection but I feel that £10.99 for 26 SIDS is unreasonable. If this CD came with additional modern sounds or modern additions mixed with the sid then there may have been a case for the CD. But has it stands it falls short with an outrageous price tag and is far below what we expect from 21st Century.

CD RATING: 5 / 10