Merregnon Soundtrack

Artist: Various
Price: 31.95 DEM (Pegasus), $14.99 (TiS), £10.99 (High Technology Publishing)
Published by Merregnon Development Team
Distributed by Lynnemusic, C64audio, synsoniq, TraxInSpace, Elmobo, Pegasus.

Many people will have a boyhood fantasy about lands rich with Enchantment and mystery. Lands where Dragon's roam freely, and tales of battles between magi and warriors. Merregnon gives the opportunity to visit just this land in a musically crafted epic.
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Merregnon tells a tale of Gallahadt and his adventures within these troubled lands, and his venture to rescue Selina from the clutches of Madostror'skar, In a story of twists and turns. The team behind Merregnon has successfully created the music to follow the adventures with a well-produced booklet. The storyline behind the CD has been thoroughly envisaged, creating a short story that reads as well as any book that has been published. Not only that, but the story follows perfectly the settings of the music. Creating an enjoyable read while also following the pattern of events that unfold within the music itself.

The producer Thomas Boecker and main composer Fabian del Priore's dream of creating an Orchestral CD set to a story of fantasy was further boosted by an impressive line-up of c64 and Amiga musicians from the demo/games scene.
Allister Brimble, Chris Huelsbeck,Markus Hollier, Jogier Liljedahl, Gustaf Grefberg,Jonne Valtonen,Jason Chong,Rudolf Stember and Olaf Gustaffson have provided the inspiration to the CD.

There is a good mix of styles and compositions. Jogier's Village In The Mountains is a jolly and heart warming track that indeed possess a traquil free flowing escapism with a sense of forthcoming adventure. While Allister Brimble's Story of Humans and Dragons brings a haunting and eerie feel, that well suit's the story's ideals.

Burning Lascest also provides a mixture of styles, starting with a pleasant female vocal. This soon progresses to a strong track with powerful drums and attacking leads. Again after this, the composition changes shape, bringing a warm almost victorious end to an exceptional track that has so many variations it's quite an epic in itself.

Farganda's Apperence starts with a musically professional piano solo, before building into a traditional classical composition.

You also have a great attacking medieval track with the excellent Go for rescue. Markus's highly charged, melody intense theme is superb right from the offset, before finishing with a beautiful Celtic pipe end.

The CD continues right through with variation and complexity, which brings an emotionally filled epic of immense proportions. Fabian's Gallahadt's Theme appears regularly in varying styles, which makes the story line so appealing. The track itself is welcomed, as it is undoubtedly very addictive in its nature.

All the tunes featured on this CD are of the highest quality in professionalism and detail. I've heard many CD's in my time but few have captured the emotions as Merregnon has. A CD the team can be very proud of, and a CD that has so much to offer with its versatility that should captivate the audience from the moment it enters the CD tray.

Merregnon deserves to be a great success. I never would have thought that we'd give a CD a rating of 10, but I just could not give it anything less. Get your hands in your pocket, dig deep and buy this stunning theme setting CD. If you can't afford it then beg, steal, or borrow, do anything, sell your soul if you must, but do grab your self Merregnon, Especially if you like this sort of thing, you won't be disappointed.

CD RATING: 10 / 10

Remix64 Gold Seal Of Approval
Review by Neil Carr.