Remixer Of The Year Awards 2005

Here are the winners of this year's awards, congratulations to everyone! And remember... as always there are no losers on this page! 😊

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Remixer Of The Year 2005

Who made the best remixes in 2005? Who was most active and supportive?

Rank Title Score
1. Makke 82
2. Romeo Knight 51
3. Sonic Wanderer 39
4. DHS (DJ Unz!, Karl Werk Projekt) 35
Chronblom 35
5. Visa Röster 25
6. Glyn R Brown 13
7. Marcel Donné 12
8. Tron 11
9. Jurek Raben 9
10. X-formZ 8
Larsec 8
11. Hazel 5
Awesome-A 5
Dafunk 5
deVilhoOD 5
DJ Mitch 5
12. PVCF 4
Markus Schneider 4
analoq 4
13. Lagerfeldt 3
Bitcrusher 3
Juha Kaunisto 3
Maindrian 3
o2 3
Press Play On Tape 3

Best Newcomer (c64 or Amiga) 2005

Who made the greatest debut in 2005?

Rank Title Score
1. Visa Röster 43
2. Axes Denied 39
3. Tron 33
4. Miguel F Ettema 29
5. load_error 18
6. DJ Mitch 16
7. Voidshaper 14
Matti Paalanen 14
8. Nada 13
9. Sid Peasley 11
10. Mythril Nazgul 10
11. Bitcrusher 8
12. Westerling 7
13. Binster 5
analoq 5
AmiGamer 5
14. Commodore Project 4
Sebuko 4
15. Eco 3
Bladiator 3
KryogeniK 3
Vincenzo 3

Best Veteran (c64 or Amiga) 2005

Who has provided great remixes over a period of 5 years or longer?

Rank Title Score
1. Makke 107
2. DHS 77
3. Sonic Wanderer 62
4. Marcel Donné 54
5. o2 27
6. CZ Tunes 20
7. Glyn R Brown 8
Trace (Kent Walldén) 8
8. FeekZoid 6
9. Putzi 4
Markus Schneider 4
10. Zyron 3

Best c64 Remix 2005

Rank Title Score
1. Makke - Artura(Dublin Delight Mix) feat. Andreas Wallström 30
Romeo Knight - Speedball (feat. Patman) 30
2. Tron - Rambo Loader (Rambos Blue Monday Mix) 29
3. Glyn R Brown - The Recovery 26
4. Chronblom - Heartland (Tranciano remix) 15
5. Dafunk - Selfmade .EXE (z3ta club rmx) 14
6. Marcel Donné - Something Stranger Remake 11
7. Makke - Glider Rider 10
8. Visa Röster - Rambo 9
Makke - Madballs (You Told Me They Were Vitamins Mix) 9
Markus Schneider - Last Ninja End Credits 9
9. DHS - Buzzer (Push Me to the Max) 8
10. Sonic Wanderer - Kikstart II (Kik-It Mix) 6
11. Romeo Knight - Future Shock 5
Sonic Wanderer - Parallax (Wanderized) 5
The C64Mafia - Crappy (I'd Like to Be Your Enemy) 5
x-formZ - Druid II (Epic Darkness) 5
Visa Röster - Spy Vs. Spy 5
Hazel - Green Beret (We Shall Never Surrender) 5
PVCF - My Number is C64 5
Glyn R Brown - Times of Lore 5
Lagerfeldt - Robotdreams (feat. Paranoid Android) 5
deVilhoOD - Spellbound (Remiximus) 5
Larsec - Comic Bakery (Lunar Bakery - Feat. Nina Luna) 5
12. Visa Röster - Calm 4
Bladiator - Suicide for 2 Pianos 4
Visa Röster - Comic Bakery 4
Jurek Raben - Toennel Commando Remix (Final Edit) 4
X-formZ - Blood Valley (It's the Journey) 4
analoq - Groovicide 4
Markus Schneider - Lord Of The Rings 4
Sonic Wanderer - Flimbo's Quest (For The Ultimate Beat) 4
13. Visa Röster - Thrust (feat. Hanna Kappelin) 3
Miguel F Ettema - 1942 (Orchestral) 3
Infamous - Xenophobe 3
DJUnz! - Foreign Girl 3
Das Karl Werk Projekt - Elektro Lok (Allgemeine Frequenz) 3
Putzi - Galactyforce (Makepeace ext. mix) 3
Matti Paalanen - Monty on the Run (High Scores) 3
Sonic Wanderer - Thundercats 3
Bitcrusher - Maniac Mansion (Meteor Edit) 3

Best Amiga Remix 2005

What Amiga remix did you like best in 2005?

Rank Title Score
1. AmiGamer - Turrican II - The Great Bath 10
Paul Blackford - The Great Bath - Ambient Remake 10
2. Awesome-A - Turrican 2 - Level 1+6 Remix 9
3. D.A.Wilson - Drammen Megaparty Invitation - Blue Stars - Hideaw 5
Lyramion - Amberstar - Gwen's Lament - Classical 5
4. Paul Blackford - Wolf Child Level 1 4
pinozulpo - James Pond 2 (RoboCod-Title) 4
DaxxTRS - Turrican 1 - Level 2 - Tristar 2005 Remix 4
Awesome-A - The Oath - Level 6 Remix 4
5. Zzr - Turrican 2 - The Wall 3
PsychNerD - Stardust Intro (8LSB Remake) 3
kjetiln - The Settlers (tranced up a bit) 3
Benas@ - X-Out Loader (Remix) 3

Most Innovative Remix 2005

What were the c64 or Amiga remixes that really made a difference in 2005? Things you maybe never heard before? Creative and different takes on originals?

Rank Title Score
1. Makke - Artura(Dublin Delight Mix) feat. Andreas Wallström 59
2. Romeo Knight - Speedball (feat. Patman) 19
Visa Röster - Thrust (feat. Hanna Kappelin) 19
3. Tron - Rambo Loader (Rambos Blue Monday Mix) 16
4. X-FormZ - Blood Valley (It's the Journey) 14
5. Das Karl Werk Projekt - Elektro Lok (Allgemeine Frequenz) 9
Chronblom - Trivia Ultimate Challenge - Kitsch mix 9
6. Glyn R Brown - The Recovery 8
7. Makke - Madballs (You Told Me They Were Vitamins Mix) 7
8. o2 - Monty on the Run 5
Awesome-A - Turrican 2 Level 1+6 Remix 5
Visa Röster - Spy Vs. Spy 5
Hazel - Green Beret (We Shall Never Surrender) 5
load_error - Impossible Mission (Impossible Vocal Experiment) 5
Das Karl Werk Projekt - The Human Race (Melodie Eine) 5
Chronblom - Rupert and the ice castle (Latin Wonderland mix) 5
Chronblom - Heartland (Tranciano remix) 5
DjUnz! - Quote 64 5
deVilhoOD - Spellbound (Remiximus) 5
9. Lagerfeldt - Robotdreams feat. Paranoid Android 4
Westerling - Bazooka Bill (Subtune 1) 4
Doron Deutsch - Bruce Lee (acoustic Jam) 4
10. Vincenzo - Blowing or Bowling 3
beyond - Stifflip & Company 3
Axes Denied - Bubble Bobble 3
Perhaps-a-Doobie - Think Twice III (Now You're Not Here) 3
Marcel Donné - Something Stranger Remake 3
DjUnz! - Foreign Girl (Platones McCheese Areolas) 3
Mythril Nazgul - Paperboy (Smoother Delivery Edit) 3
OJ Oscillation - Formular 1 Simulator 3
Sid Peasley - Enigma Force 3
The C64Mafia - Crappy (I'd Like to Be Your Enemy) 3

Lifetime Achievement Award

Who do you think, does in any way, a continuing vital service to the Remix Community (creating SIDs or remixes, running websites, coding software, active forum discussions etc...)

Rank Title Score
1. Chris Abbott 53
2. Kenneth Mutka (Slaygon) 36
3. Jan Lund Thomsen (Kwed) 33
4. LMan (LMan) 27
5. Alistair Bowness (Boz) 16
Marcus Nilsson (Makke) 16
6. Ben Daglish 11
7. Paul Hadrill (DJ Skitz) 10
Markus Schneider 10
8. Mattias Johansson (Sonic Wanderer) 8
Marcel Donné 8
Reyn Ouwehand 8
9. Neil Carr (Tas) 7
10. Pawel Osmolski (deVilhoOD) 5
11. Mark Knight (madfiddler) 4
Carlo Demichelis (DHS) 4
Glyn R Brown 4
12. Rob Hubbard 3
Press Play On Tape 3
Pex Tufvesson (Mahoney) 3

Radio Personality Of The Year

Who did the greatest scene related Radio shows or Podcasts? Who entertained the masses best?

Rank Title Score
1. Boz 110
2. DJ Skitz 50
3. Makke 47
4. Kwed 29
5. Ziphoid 13
6. Alic3 12
7. Slaygon 9
Morpheus 9
8. Kenz 4

Swedish Immigrant of the Year

Who made the most impressive immigration to Sweden in 2005?

Rank Title Score
1. Boz 64738
Remixer Of The Year - ROTY Cup 2005

To all winners: Feel free to display the ROTY cup on your homepages (along with your Rank and Category), to boast about your triumph! 😃 Disclaimer: Some of the votes have been disqualified for being invalid (i.E. incomplete data, releases from a different year, votes for newcomers who were not newcomers etc...). The results do not claim to be error-free.

Amiga Power Kickstarter almost over

Matt Smith Amiga Power The Album With Attitude Live On Kickstarter

Today is the final day of the kickstarter with massive talent involved, so if you want to participate, head there now.


The organiser Matt Smith wrote about it:


Splendidly, as we head into the last day of the campaign, we've hit the £19,000 mark and unlocked a new stretch goal. The deluxe liner notes booklet accompanying the AP album (in both its digital and physical incarnations) will now feature a full 100 pages of groovy stuff, including a special Complete Control section written by Rich Pelley, in which he’ll endeavour to provide solutions to all your problems – game-related or otherwise. Hurrah!

How much more can we accomplish in the next few hours? With your help, we could yet hit another stretch goal! There's still time to support the project if you haven't already, and continuing to spread the word about it would be a massive help too. Just click the link above for more information!

Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude live on Kickstarter

Matt Smith Amiga Power The Album With Attitude Live On Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign to create a new album of Amiga game music remixes, all of them connected with classic '90s magazine Amiga Power, is now live.



Journalist and long-standing AP fan Matthew Smith – not the Manic Miner creator – is seeking funding to create Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude, a double-CD collection of more than 30 brand new remixes inspired by the magazine. The first disc will feature tracks based on tunes personally selected by former AP contributors, while the second disc will contain tracks based on games and demos given away on the mag's coverdisks over the years.


A whole host of star musicians are involved with the project, including Andrew Barnabas, Allister Brimble, Mike Clarke, Fabian Del Priore, Olof Gustafsson, Jogeir Liljedahl, Joi, Jon Hare, Chris Huelsbeck, Barry Leitch, Patrick Nevian, Jason Page, Instant Remedy, Matthias Steinwachs, Jeroen Tel and Tim Wright.


Among the tracks set for inclusion are pieces from Apidya, Banshee, Blob, Cannon Fodder, The Chaos Engine, Fantasy World Dizzy, Fire & Ice, Gloom, Harlequin, Hired Guns, Jetstrike, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, No Second Prize, Pinball Fantasies, Sensible World Of Soccer, Shadow Fighter, Speedball 2 and Stardust, plus many more.


The album will also include a deluxe liner notes booklet containing more than 80 pages of facts, song lyrics, exclusive artwork and written contributions from the AP team.


If you want to grab a copy for yourself (in physical or digital form), along with a variety of bonus rewards, you can support the Kickstarter campaign here:

Submitted by Matt Smith

Check this out
Remix64 V3 Syntax Era

Syntax Era - Remix64 Volume 3

by Remix64 Team

Pure Geek-cheek! Take famous 80s tracks such as 19, Two Tribes, Too Shy, Billy Jean, Broken Wings and I Feel Love, painstakingly recreate the sound, and inject that into classic C64 music such as BMX Kidz, Comic Bakery, Sanxion, Arkanoid and Ghouls and Ghosts. Remixes come from amazing talent: Romeo Knight, LMan, Makke, Tom Detert, Tron, Moog, Binster, Ziphoid, Boz, Sonic Wanderer, Tonka, Skitz, Trace, Slaygon, iFadeo and even (gasp) a guest appearances here and there from Chris Abbott. You'll wonder how we could get away with such a cheeky tribute to the 80s: well, no samples from the original tracks were used, and the musical content has been replaced by the C64 tune covered. The CD also features some really great songs in their own right, which result from a perfect match between C64 melodies and hooks, the sound of SID, and classic 80s instrumentation, such as Ace II, Jethro Walrus, Aspar Grand Prix, and Dominator. The CD was the baby of Markus "LMan" Klein, who acted as Co-ordinator, remixer, artist and layout, and even made his own tea, ably assisted by Tom Detert who did much of the mastering. CD is in now shipping! Tracks are available in high quality VBR MP3 and FLAC (all non-DRM).

arrow_forwardCheck it out...

Listening Recommendation

 Amberstar - Mysty Orc Fanfares

Arranged by Zzr

Here we go
Zzr used Buzz as far as i know and im glad people do that. the music is build from scratch and sounds nostalgic. no harmony errors were done and the mastering (or lets call it leveling the channels) is nice and smooth. it could be a little faster for my taste but not everything can be at 2million bpm i actualy enjoy this tune more then the orginal for the moment good work as allways

Review by dayta

Random review

 The Chase (Sword of Honour)

Arranged by DHS

DHS has done it again with another amazing tune. I really like the lyrics in this one, as it reminds me of a song you would hear in an 80s buddy cop film.

Review by L0rd3vyL

Latest Review

 Challenge of the Gobots (Tribute to Ben)

Arranged by Jogeir Liljedahl

Wonderful! I really like the solemn slowed-down tempo here. The soft vocal is a nice touch. I was afraid this remix would go into the uptempo part of Gobots, too, but Jogeir was clever enough to omit that. Still, I wish this remix was longer...

Review by LaLa

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FOReVER 2020 - ROBOT (Slovakia)
Immortal C64 - Episode 86
Immortal C64 - Episode 85
Immortal C64 - Episode 84
Immortal C64 - Episode 83
8-bit Symphony
Post-ROTY Thank You!
Remixer Of The Year Awards show 2018!
LMan joined Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated as Musician
Kickback joined Excess as Coder, Cracker and Graphician
Erol left Hitmen
XynnM joined Abyss Connection as Graphician
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