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Remix64 20th Anniversary Compo - The Entries


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The History of C64 Remixes – Part One – The 1980s


In this look back at the history of the Commodore 64 remix and the origins of how far the scene has developed, Warren Pilkington (Waz) looks back at the 1980s, and how the synthesizer brought along the first commercially available remixes, along with the fact that Commodore 64 musicians themselves would often do a cover or a remix of a game theme or demo theme too, adding to the origins. Take it away Waz!

An Interview with Fredrik Segerfalk

30/04/2001by Neil Carr

Fredrik composed the music for Shadow Of the Beast and Kick Off. Two outstanding games with outstanding soundtracks. The Kick Off series of games are still being made to this very day over a decade later. Fredrik tells a sad story here, where his hard work was literally and to put it bluntly RIPPED OFF!!!

An Interview with Michiel Soede (

12/04/2001by Neil Carr

Michiel is a Composer and Arranger. Soedesoft created many excellent tunes on the c64, but a worthy addition to this is his fine cover of Nemesis The Warlock, which can be found at either R:K:O, or at his own website. One of my favourite covers.