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BitJam podcast #136 - the "Immortal" edition


Amiga game music fans may want to check out BitJam podcast #136 - this edition was produced in close collaboration with the creators of the acclaimed Immortal CD series. The idea behind the Immortal project is to release great soundtracks from games released for the Commodore Amiga on CD - newly arranged and recorded in the studio, with the original artists involved whenever possible. Composers like Chris Hülsbeck, Allister Brimble, Barry Leitch, Jochen Hippel, Tim Wright and many others contributed exclusive tracks in the past. BitJam podcast #136 features 79+ minutes of music from all of the Immortal CDs, including two full tracks from the brand-new Immortal 4 album and a special bonus track by Tim Wright of Psygnosis fame. Enjoy cult classics like Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, Battle Squadron, Pinball Fantasies, Alien Breed, Turrican 3, Gods, Speedball 2, Agony, or Cannon Fodder in this epic megamix!

Revival ST

12/07/2005Work In Progress: Revival ST - An Atari ST Tribute Album - Pre order release date: Now Official release date: 10th September 2005 Label: - Soon, to the thronged masses of the ST retro scene, comes "Revival ST": the first ever true...

400 Page Lexicon about games history

16/04/2003A lexicon (400 pages) about video games has been published in German language now. It includes info about the Merregnon" - project (Merregnon 1 and Merregnon 2). In addition to this, you reportedly can find details about a few composers, such as Andy Brick, Fabian Del Priore, Allister Brimble, Jochen Hippel, Rudolf Stember and Chris Huelsbeck.

Review: Immortal 2

15/09/2002Here we have it, the second CD in the series of Immortal. Ruben Monterio released the original Immortal, but this time Jan Zottman takes over the reign of producing and continues the series with Immortal 2.

Editorial 02-02 - Karma64

31/01/2002Editorial - Feb. 2002 - A quiet month really from the Comunity. Nothing much to talk about. The big exception ofcourse was the release of Karma64 which will be reviewed here at remix64 shortly. I've not heard the CD yet, but i've been assured that...

Editorial 02-01 - Year 2001 Review

31/12/2001Editorial - Jan 2002 - Firstly, i hope everyone had a great X-mas, and i wish you all the luck for 2002. Year 2001 - Review - We can look at this year with only one thought.... The terrible New York plane disaster, and the following war that still...

An Interview with Jurek Raben

16/10/2001by Neil Carr

There are plenty of tunes from The Last Ninja series of games on rko. Though he has concentrated his efforts on these tunes, he will not carry on doing remixes from this series. He will instead now concentrate on other tunes from other games.

An Interview with Oedipus

16/07/2001by Neil Carr

Oedipus has created quite a few mixes, his latest "Auf Wiedersehen Monty" was a recomended download here at Remix64. Oedipus is the perfect example of improvement. His early work wasn't great, but now he has grown into a very able musician.