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Twenty Years of C64 Remixes on RKO – The Stats. By Warren Pilkington


Stat master Warren Pilkington investigates twenty years of RKO and provides his analysis as he breaks down the numbers.  Its a fascinating insight into the world of all things remix related.

Album Releases in 2020 So Far


There have been a slew of remix and scene album releases in the first half of 2020, so let's catch you up on what's new!

ROTY - Remixer Of The Year 2013


The joint broadcast of the ROTY 2013 show launched on time at 20:00 CET on Saturday, 25th of January 2014. The show was hosted by SceneSat radio, and broadcast over the stations, SceneSat, SLAY Radio, Nectarine, BitJam, Radio6581 and The SID Station.

Starting off the show with some excellent music from the monthly charts toppers of 2013, the first award was given away at 20:30 to the best newcomer of the year 2013. The winner of that category was druu, who was quickly dubbed druucomer by CZ-Tunes at the IRC channel. Ranks 2 and 3 where won by Mario Barbierato and rdmusic.

Accompanied by unexpected technical problems on the server side, which fortunately where sorted out quickly, the winner for Best Veteran was announced -  daXX, who had won in the same category in 2012. He was followd up by Mordi and Instant Remedy.

The two lifetime achievement awards 2013 were given to Reyn Ouwehand and Marcel Donné. Both have been active in the scene for ages, working in the demoscene, on the radio stations, on stage, and besides, both are outstanding producers.

There was a shared #1 for best Amiga Remix with 46 points each, Mano's "FlashBack" remix and Daxx's remix of "GODS", with chabee placing 2nd with "Stardust Memories.

Winner of Best c64 Remix was LukHash for his "SPY vs SPY" live remix, very closely followed by druu and his "Wizardry" remix and Peacemaker with "Fawn of Creation".

Finally, the big bounty, the Remixer of The Year 2013 award was also won by daXX with massive 226 points. YouTube wizard LukHash came in second with 116 points. 3rd place went to Rune-Bertil's, who are famous for their swing style remixes.

Congratulations to all the winners!!

C64 Music Scene


An article about the C64 music scene by Steve Drysdale. Contains interviews with Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Reyn Ouwehand, Chris Abbott, Alistair 'Boz' Bowness, Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie

Back in Time Live 2007 - a personal report

25/06/2007Warren Pilkington gives his personal account of his experiences at Back in Time Live 2007: where a good time was had by all! Report, 21 April 2007

21/04/2007It seems odd that I (that is, Chris Abbott) hardly ever post C64Audio news here, and although I usually send it by email, the amount of text I usually write is too large for comfortable reading. So, here's the first ever Remix64 version of C64Audio news, made possible by LMan's handy dandy CMS!!

Bitlite/RV report by Waz

17/09/2005Warren Reports on this years BitLite/Retrovision.

Editorial 04-06 - Waiting for things to happen

31/05/2004Remix64 Editorial - June 2004 - Edit: If you're in the UK, support Mark "madfiddler" Knight and buy the unofficial English Football anthem "Come on England", which Mark plays on. It can be bought online from HMV. For more details There are some...

An Interview with Maindrian


by Volker Buckow

1981? A mere strapling when the C64 first came out, Maindrian has been a guitar-driven force in the remix scene over recently. Here's his reactions to the world in general, and the C64 remix scene in particular, expertly coaxed by the inimitable Dr. Future.

ROTY - Remixer Of The Year 2003


Markus Schneider is Remixer Of The Year 2003. Cauldron II (I am a Pumpkin Man) by Trauma has been voted Best Remix and also Most Innovative Remix. Lagerfeld wins Best Newcomer. Sidologie by Marcel Donne wins favourite CD, closely followed by Remix64 v2 Into Eternity.

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