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An Interview with Mark Cooksey

16/05/2001by Neil Carr

Mark Cooksey of Ghosts and Goblins fame was a recognised musician who worked mainly for Elite. During this time he was responsable for many great tunes some of which are: Bomb Jack, Space Harrier, Paperboy. Within This interview Mark reveals the amount Rob Hubbard got paid for his work for commando.

Remixed and Remembered Volume 1: Razmo


Amiga demo group founder of Kefrens and c64 remixer Jess Donovan Skov-Nielsen (Razmo). Sadly Passed away a few week ago. He was a brilliant coder and a well respected musician on the Amiga and a very able C64 remixer. He was well known and liked on the remix64's forum for over a decade an contributed to the remix scene with 9 remixes. This is our way to pay tribute to him.

Computer Game Music - the Rock 'n Roll years


Chris Abbott wrote this article for an Edge magazine special a few years ago, which involved interviewing all the composers. It's now lost in time, which is a shame. So here it is!

Editorial 05-07 - From rags to riches/Jamster be damned

28/06/2005Editorial: July / AUGUST 2005 - From Rags to Riches - The scene never gets boring does it? When I first came to the scene long before and before RKO, there was no real place to be. Haven't things changed? had just finished...

Stuck in D80s Unplugged

14/03/2005A concert review by Andrew Fisher (Merman)

An Interview with Infamous


by Volker Buckow

Infamous is both a C64 remixer and an Amiga remixer, and has matured into an experienced purveyor of hard-edged remixes combining rock hard beats and edgey basslines.

SID - The Rock n Roll Years

01/06/2003Rob Hubbard and the pioneering SID musicians were like rock 'n roll gods of their day: creative, free and passionate about their art... or in some cases, the cash! In this article written by Chris Abbott for "Edge" Magazine, the composers reminisce in their own words about what it was like to work in that exciting time...

BITLive Germany Preview

06/02/2003It all started of in the summer of 2001, when Chris Abbott of played host to the first ever c64 remix party. Club DNA in Birmingham was the location. The club was one of the most hi-tech clubs in the north of England and around 250 people flocked to witness the groundbreaking event.

Review: Instant Remedy

16/07/2002Instant Remedy has been gaining a huge reputation as a remixer of C64 tunes, and here is a CD full of them! The 15 tracks last over 70 minutes...

An Interview with Søren "Jeff" Lund


by LMan

Jeff mastered the SID chip like few others. The early 90s, a time when many people abandoned the c64, Jeff just kicked off. He released impressive SID works for various demos and groups. The best thing about it: he is still very active in the c64 scene: making music, and even coding his own SID editor.

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