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An Interview with Markus Siebold


by Neil Carr

Markus made only a few commercial tunes on the c64, however he is remembered for his music on the Turrican 2 game. He also made the music for Enforcer. news!


All my news items in one chunk, including BIT Live 2007 latest, the return of Nexus 6581, the Richard Joseph Tribute album, news about Tonka and Markus Siebold's forthcoming CD releases, what that BIT 4/5/6 thing is about, and more. Report, 21 April 2007

21/04/2007It seems odd that I (that is, Chris Abbott) hardly ever post C64Audio news here, and although I usually send it by email, the amount of text I usually write is too large for comfortable reading. So, here's the first ever Remix64 version of C64Audio news, made possible by LMan's handy dandy CMS!!

Editorial 03-05 - A Fun Week

30/04/2003Editorial: May 2003 - Its been a fun week or two for me at remix64 (if your into stress sadism). The new CD to come from the remix64 stable is in a musically the last phase of development. The team of people who are involved in the CD's creation now...