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Rob Hubbard writing new game music!

04/10/2004Rob Hubbard has confirmed he's been asked to write some music for a mobile Java game by a small development company. The piece he's written is orchestral in feel, and may be made available as well in "Project Hubbard". More news as it happens.

Rob Hubbard to miss BIT Live

22/07/2004Rob's let us know that due to circumstances, he won't be able to perform at this year's BIT Live. He was very keen to perform, but life had other ideas.

Rob Hubbard invited to MTV Awards

30/04/2004Yes, the mighty RoboHub(tm), fresh from his recent "Lifetime Achievement" Award in the USA, has now been invited as a guest to the MTV Game Awards in Germany. It's not yet known whether he will attend and show those people what a REAL musician looks like 😉

Rob Hubbard and the Love Boat

29/06/2003Well, I'm not sure if there's any love on the boat, but Rob Hubbard is practising for Back in Time Live Brighton by... being a live pianist on a cruise ship! It's an amusing thought that there might be this SID fan on a cruise who suddenly sees Rob Hubbard playing the piano... Rob was an experienced live professional musician before he became a SID legend, and he returned to the biz when he got back from the USA.

An Interview with Rob Hubbard


by Neil Carr

What can you say about Rob Hubbard. Well where would we be now if it wasn't for him. Rob inspired countless composers and arrangers. He turned the modest sid chip into a orchestra, like which was never heard before. Rob now works on the Back In Time CD's. You'll be able to hear his WAR on the BIT 3 album. Also coming on a future Bit album is a re-work of a tune that no-one has heard before. Exciting! you bet!

An Interview with Neil Brennan


Not much came out of Australia game wise. If you can come up with more than an handful of publishers then you certainly know your stuff. There was one company that managed to break the curve and hell what a company it was. Melbourne House along with the developing arm of Beam Software was well regarded as a company that delivered quality games. The Hobbit, Castle of Terror, Way of the exploading fist were just some of many great games to come from this legendary company and with a great company came a great musician, Neil Brennan. Neil has kindly taken time to have a chat with us about his time as a musician, a game composer, and a computer programmer.

An Interview With Warren Pilkington (2020 Edition)


Warren Pilkington (Waz) has been involved with the c64 scene for decades in various ways. He's provided content for several magazines. He's a former member of HVSC and has ripped many c64 SID's for the cause. He's also an accomplished sid musician. Yet, he often goes under the radar due to his humbleness. In this Interview I've enlisted the help from well known contacts. LaLa, Dan Gilgrass, Barry Thompsn (Tomsk), Peter Clarke and myself fire away the questions in extraordinary in depth interview.

An Interview with Romeo Knight


Key points of discussion are:

  • Music on the Amiga
  • Red Sector/TRSI
  • Remixing c64 classics
  • The use of real Instuments when remixing

Twenty Years of C64 Remixes on RKO – The Stats. By Warren Pilkington


Stat master Warren Pilkington investigates twenty years of RKO and provides his analysis as he breaks down the numbers.  Its a fascinating insight into the world of all things remix related.

Album Releases in 2020 So Far


There have been a slew of remix and scene album releases in the first half of 2020, so let's catch you up on what's new!

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