2more - Zak McKracken 8bitten

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Reminds me of the sort of thing 8Bit Weapon and ComputeHer would do, and although a little basic sounding, seems to work okay. Then the bog standard trance/unz noises come in and ruin it.
I can see what was being aimed for here and it does work but the trance let's it down in a big way
Uninspired. Too basic sounds - it's like this tune tries to be both minimalistic and bombastic at the same time, and fails at both. The idea in it self is not bad, but the result is nothing short of annoying. Even just a bit of panning would've helped.
Intriguing micromusic rendition - at first. Unfortunately it goes downhill from there
I think we need more chipmusic style remixes, so this is a nice start. The multi saw trance lead sound is pretty out of place, though, and the whole remix has an unfinished feel to it.
The tune just feels too narrow. The instruments are not really pleasant to listen to :(
It's very repetitive and hasn't very good transitions between the intro, middle-part and the last part (which sounds like the first part). I don't really like it, although the middle part reminded me of "lazy jones", but not only in a good way
Yea, what they said ^^^
I like it's chippiness.
Very boring...
Not chip enough, not trance enough - seems like missing the target.
It might be simple but it has a lot of speed. Realy good.
I enjoy this. Bouncy and doesn't overstay its welcome. Too bad about the lame trance lead.

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