7an - Bombo (Bombossimo mix)

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7an Veteran
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Live performance of my piano arrangement of Bombo. I'm simply psyched that Ben Daglish himself took the time to listen to it and gave it a thumbs up, no less!
Yes! A pleasure to listen to!
I love people with a sense of music and that can simply sit down and jam at a piano. However for me I need more soul in it. Listen to Clarence by Dafunk. That is a happy red face from me... Keep up the good work 7an ;-)
Very enjoyable! Not that unique, but a calm and good arr!
Really good arrangement and a nice rounded piano sound really nice to listen too
Its nice to hear something accoustic here for a change (is that a real piano? Sounds a bit digital). Bombo is one of my favorite c64 songs and you did it up right.
Absolutely gorgeous! The recording is a bit muddy, but other than that, wonderful.
Very good :)
Goosebumps. Really shows how fantastic this song is.
Super tune... I like that
Breathtaking outstanding preformance, I Love it
Very good playing in there!
Wonderful wonderul wonderful. Different approach. Sensational good playing...
This is how a piano track should be done.
Wonderful arrangement! Added to my collection.
Love a good piano piece; it misses out on a red due to exaggerated *tempo comodo* with far too many inappropriate pauses that break the flow of an otherwise lovely piece of music.
Nice, but could be less repetitive

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