ACC:Xess - Nuclear Race Parallax remix

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ACC:Xess Remixer
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Just to standard for me... Sorry but it needs a lot more soundscape, better lead sound and speeding up a bit.......
Starts out very promising but then copies some wrong notes in the melody that I've already heard in other remixes. Aside from that, catches the spirit quite well!
Very competent, but nothing too special.. Its good though, I enjoyed it.
I could never vote anything less than good for a parallax mix, but it could have been done better
Not bad, a run-of-the-mill "standard" remix. The lead sound is flat, it needs more variation. In fact, that's true for the entire remix.
Sounds ok.
I'd have voted this higher but the wrong notes in the melody just completely ruin it for me. It sticks out like a sore thumb.
Might be the least annoying Parallax remake.
Nothing too special... Ok!
While the background works quite well, the lead is quite dull and ruins the whole remix...
Idea is there, just needs better mixing.
Almost ok, some familiar wrong notes, but gets most important one of those right, therefore yellow (instead of gray).
This is remarkably good!

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