Aki Järvinen - Turrican 2 The Wall (metal remix)

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Arranged by:
Original composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
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Whoever thinks "Manowar" by listening the first 15 seconds is right. ;) Simply ass-kicking this Remix over here.
Kick ass!
Always loved this tune, and Aki has done it proud!
I can't stop listening this remix, well done man, nice job!
What all the other ones that voted "red" said!
Descent II
Rock on!
Dont kill classics with guitars.. No more guitars please!!
It's a very original arrangement with superb guitar playing, I see how it may not please everyone but it's not half as bad as some of the other T2 remixes out there. The synth at 2:50 is weak, tho! :P
Sounds a bit flat, but otherwise fairly well done. Sarah, It's funny that you say manowar, google "turrican manowar" and look at images, but you prolly know this. I agree with Sunspire.
Hah, that is what a remix is all about! Gives a splendid new feel to this rather flat track from the otherwise brilliant Turrican 2-Soundtrack! I'm not a "Manowar"-Fan, but I love it...
Kick ass...! Loud riff for head banging. "The Wall" is the good one for this style :-)
Hell yeah, Descent 2 so true :D And AleXAndroID, you're true partly but this particular tune is MADE for guitars. Asskicking remix!!
For a heavy metal remix, it's not terribly offensive.
Not into metal, sorry. But nice remix.;)
Great headbanger! Thumbs up!
This rocks! |m|
This roooooooocks!

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