Aki Kivela - Commando (Run Gun Shoot Remix)

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Aki Kivela Veteran
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I like the idea but where is commando? It must be in there somewhere... It's trying to be too many genre's at once
Nice goa-trance tune, nice backing. The speech samples rock.:)
I was enjoing this for about thirty seconds and then it just seemed to loop
Basic simple techno which keeps the agressive feeling of the original
It's not that bad, but too repetitive. I found that robot voice a bit annoying after a while.
It acheives what its set out to be.. Many won't understand it, but it works. Though it might have need a break in there somewhere.
Do the robot, man! :P
Commando? Where's the base gone to?
Good, because of the sounds and the idea... If u had used the whole song and not only a short part, it would have become outstanding...
Run Gun Shoot. Commando and Robotron 64 have a hypnotic baby.
It started promising. But I was waiting for the melody to start. It never did :(.
Great work, it has the Commando spirit
Brutal! Mean! That robot voice really scares me to the bone. I wouldn't want to come across that robot at night.;-)

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