Aki Kivela - Delta (Smells Like Alien)

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Aki Kivela Veteran
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I did really like this but it seems to many ideas trying to be thrust into one mix and thus kinda ruined it for me
Yeah, not bad. Instruments can be slighty off sometimes, but a great _idea_ for the tune.
Hmm, nice enough - that damned robot voice jumps out in a few places though!
I really could have enjoyed this if it wasn't for the robotic speach type samples which spoilt it for me
Not enough variety here, sounds like the main bit from Koyaanisqatsi with instrument build up changes. I did like the slower pace and the more relaxed feel though, and as an idea that was nice.
A really nice track, does everything it's supposed to pretty well, but seems to lack a little depth.
Contains some nice ideas... Nice work...
A bit confusing.
Good. A little bit unbalanced.
Ah... A little more punch and there would be the orange one ;-)
Not too bad, but a bit slow to be a delta remix imho.
It's nice, but it's nothing special, really.
Well, seems Aki didn't really know where he wanted to go with this one...!! Sorry, too 'jumpy' with no real 'red line' in it...
I like the voice in the background. The Rest is okay
Dont like at all, repetitive and not original soft techno-space
This one relies too much on the outdated lead sound. Could use some more tempo or interesting FX or something.

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