Aki Kivela - Sanxion (Fire Dance Robot)

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Aki Kivela Veteran
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This must be Karl Werk Projects slightly retarded cousin. No offence to Aki Kivela, I mean no harm. This remix just sounds slow and a bit tilted. I'm quite positive it drooled a little right at the end.
Middle section is a bit painful. And I think the Sanxion melody is a bit tricksy to work this slow. Also it's not particularly interesting, but I'm terrible at minimal.
It's minimalist, but it's too slow and thus loses the emotion and feel. It plods along way too much and gets boring. And it plays wrong notes, a total no-no.
Minimalistically it works.. Enjoyment wise it fails badly.
I kinda liked this, very electro and I guess I liked a different take on Sanxion
Downtempo Sanxion? It could work. And it does, too.
I actually thought this was a highly original take on the sanxion tune and reasonably well acheived, the only real problem for me was that it was a touch repetitive and this is a tune that loses its nostalgic value when played this slowly
Slow version of sanxion? Nah, that doesn't work.
Tempo just doesn't match the spirit of the original. No bass in the mix. And some very weird bridge parts in it.
Not easy to judge, but tempo does not affect the spirit. A bit lifeless...
Nothing special! Speech is way too loud all over!
Very electronic, but quite boring.
Kinda strange mix, too slow, sufficent technic
This tune doesn't work when it's played that slowly. The robot voice gets on my nerves. The female voice doesn't fit in. Actually Poor, but one extra point for originality, thus Average.
Not bad... There's another slow tempo version out there that actually works way better. I mean, if you go for slow, then don't put those awful dance drums there. Totally spoils the effect. Technically pretty good, though.

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