Aki Kivela - Sherlock (Bad Day at Baker Street)

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Aki Kivela Veteran
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Productionwise, good enough. Part from that, I'm not really sure what to think of it! It's very "artsy", I'll give you that. But parts of it just sounds completely wrong, and almost painfully disharmonious.
Production is fine, but the rest of the tune clearly isn't. It sounds just really out of harmony, out of tune and in parts out of synch with itself. This is crying out for a rework and a remaster. And it's six minutes too long.
The artistic value of this remix is unfortunately drowning in ear-splitting synths sounds. It has its moments, though. *Maybe* this remix is misunderstood.
Refreshing. Different. True, this "artsy" piece may deter some people. But for some reason I can't help liking it. Even with all the ear-splitting synths.=)
Its kinda of fine but way, way too long. The lengthy inclusion of the narration doesnt really help matters and the synth can be a bit on the whiney side
This remix really makes me kinda nervous but it would be unfair to call it bad
What is that supposed to be now anyways!?
I dunno. I didn't quite like htis one.
Annoying, not artsy IMO.
Hmm... Can't get it
Too much talking!
I like the talking bits and tune has some charm in it also
Cant help it! Just love the tune! The background holding key C (i think) and in a different beat than the rest! Reminds me a bit of Hubbards Delta-InGame, which allso, in my mind is one of the greatest tunes out there

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