AmiGamer - Concerto for Lasers and Enemies Motion Picture Remix

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The level in "Turrican 2" in which you had to fly this little spaceship through hordes of enemies was one of my favourite levels in the game, as was the background music that was played while you were killing the fire button of your joystick

I thought it had the potential for more than a pop-styled theme, though, so I decided to try and turn it to a John-Williams-styled orchestral version.

Song was arranged, recorded and played on a Korg X3 workstation with additional use of the Kristal Audio sequencer and two sampled/editet measures of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's interpretation of Ravel's "Bolero".  Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy it!

Skillfull orchestration idea, but sadly overly unnatural-sounding.
Nice Bolero:ish concerto version here. Clever use of the rhythm from Bolero.
This one sounds very good and the rhythm fits nice!
Sounds good for me.
Nice Concert! Toller Track gefällt mir sehr gut!
Overall good orchestration. I'm quite impressed what you can do with 1 workstation... The trumpets sound too "Italo-Western" for my taste...
Fine job, but it doesn't have the fullness of a real orchestral arrangement.
I like the "Italo-Western" trumpets!
Great work and nearly perfekt, only "knitter" disturbs
Well done!
Very good
Thumbs up for AmiGamer! Outstanding remake!
This one's loud! I don't care it doesn't sound natural.
Wow wow wow! Very great track!!!
Korg X3 one of the best synthesizers of all time! I had it in 90s as well! Great Bolero take on Turrican 2!:)

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