AmiGamer - Dune intro remix

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Though it consisted mainly of percussion instruments, the intro soundtrack of "Dune" has always been one of my favourites.Therefore I thought I'd give it a try... I kept the idea of putting major emphasis on the percussion instrument and added a middle-eastern-styled middle part.. I thought it was fitting for a desert planet...

Song was arranged, recorded and played on a Korg X3 workstation with additional use of the Kristal Audio sequencer. Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy it!

Too similar all the way through
Quite ok, but a bit too repetetive-
... Like Sonic Wanderer said.
I always thought the PC version had the better music. It's not much you can do with this tune I reckon.
I like the track
Very nice.
Everyone interested in Dune music should look for original game soundtrack CD by Stéphane Picq and Philip Ulrich - "DUNE - SPACE OPERA". Excellent CD with all Dune tracks + more. Great music set straight from the original compositor.
Very nice track up to 1m 53 sec. I d'ont like the arabian sound in.
Keeping to the classic track and adding that zest!
Again an earworm by AmiGamer. Great work! Can`t stop listening!:-)
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I never played the Amiga but I remember the PC music quite well and the percussion brought me back to the burning sands of Arrakis. ♥ Also, unlike jason_starck I love the Arabian arrangements.
There's something I'm not really okay with though, and it's the many times you repeat each section. It gets to be a little repetitive.