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As poor as the graphics of this game were (two colours... green and yellow)... and as impossible it was to complete it without cheating... one thing that totally ROCKED Gliderrider was the soundtrack. I remember keeping it running while actually doing something else just to be able to listen to its music
I hope you like my version of it. With this remix, for the very first time, I have used a great software called "Kristal" (hard to believe it's freeware for non-professional users), a 16-track-sequencer with built-in effect generator. For the first 16 tracks, I used the built-in sequencer of my Korg X3 workstation... saved this to my computer... then saved some more tracks played on the Korg and a 2nd keyboard as well as parts of the original SID (original sound file of the C-64, for those who don't know what a SID file is) on my computer.. and finally combined it all using the Kristal sequencer.
I hope you like the result.
Keyboards used: Korg X3 Workstation, Yamaha PSR-4000
Software used: Kristal (sequencer), original SID (from 01:19 to 01:58 and from 02:19 to 03:24), Sony Sound Forge 7.0 (postwork, editing, recording from Keyboard to Computer)
Massive mixing problems which hasn't helped this mix at all! Volume levels seem ill judged too. Would have given it a little higher as it's not a bad mix in itself.
The idea is there, but the mixing and mastering certainly isn't, and lets it down a fair bit. The volume levels are all over the place, and way too much reverb on the SID arpeggios.
The drums sound cheesy and they are barely audible, overall the mix is very unbalanced. The calm part at 2:00 is very nice!
What tas said. Also too much reverb on the SIDy bits.
Sorry but I have to agree with the above comments
+2 fot the second part - really good stuff, -1 for too much reverb, some volume/mixing issues.
Too much reverb, you can barely hear the drums and the drumrythm is a bit repetitive. If fixed I would give a 'very good'.
Sorry, but compared with Kent Walldén, this version SUCKS!
What omoroca said, but with more grace.

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