AmiGamer - Lemmings:Tribes - Medieval Lemmings Remix

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Aaah, to think of the hours, days and weeks I've spent trying to somehow stop these green-haired lil fellows from jumping off a bridge, walking into fire, getting squeezed between evil looking machines and suffering all other kinds of atrocious tortures...
The Lemmings games really had me addicted, and my favourite levels were the medieval levels in Lemmings: Tribes. Mainly because of the great soundtrack, I guess.. as far as I remember, the medieval level was the only one I actually completed😉
So I had to create a remix of this sooner or later... hope you enjoy it.
Song was arranged, recorded and played on a Korg X3 workstation, with additional original sound effects from the Lemmings games.
It's ok, but too much reverb effect in the track I think....
Yeah! Always loved this tune on the amiga, and this remake is perfect!
Really like it!
Can't remember the original, but I really like the overall sound of this remix. Good work, AmiGamer...
Fine arrangement, fine instrument choices. 80's drums and all :). Top tune!
Very sweet!
Very nice indeed.
A nice idea, but the arrangement is too basic (sounds too "early 90's home studio"), and the drums are outright boring towards the end. A good effort though.
Great!! Like the tune.. But agree with others that it does sound a bit old..
Niiiiice very niiiice :)
Wickedly awesome.
Not bad all, captures the original perfectly
Help.... I broke the Reverb-button at its MAX. ;) But the rest ist OK!
Nice tune. Very Amiga!
Wow! Wonderfull idea and well done!:-)
Great remix

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