AmiGamer - Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Screaming Tires Remix

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AmiGamer Adept
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Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2 was my favourite racing game on the Amiga. The graphics were cool, the speed incredible and the sountrack just ROCKED. Especially the aggressive bass was something that made it close to impossible to sit quiet while listening to it.

I hope you like my version of it...
Keyboards used: Korg X3 Workstation, Yamaha PSR-4000
Software used: Kristal (sequencer), original MOD (parts of the bass and the voice percussion.. ya know, that "chk-chk-chaaah!" thingy), original audio files ("marks-set-go!"), Sony Sound Forge 7.0 (postwork, editing, recording from Keyboard to Computer)

Quite good actually. Some of the lead synths is a little bit muffled.
Not AmiGamer's best work. It sounds a but muddy and the mastering could've been done better.
Just good as there are a few "ooo-ya-bugga's" in there...
A fresh, different take on this one. I like it!
Sorry, but I've heard many much better versions of this tune...
I think this deserves an orange face. Very synthy, very groovy, I like it.
Nice one.
Like skyrunner said, fresh and different. Nice guitars, and the bridge around 1:33 gave me a shiver :) The drums are kind of thin, though - they could've had some power, like in the original or DaxxTRS's remix. Quite good nevertheless.
Nice one, sometimes the Speed is changing to fast.
The mix is a bit "flat", but I love those lead synths, remind me the best Amiga chip tunes
Great done. Like the lead tune, the speed, awww everything. Well done!

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