AmiGamer - Monkey Island Mega Monkey Medley

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This was actually a christmas present for my sister, who loves Monkey Island almost as much as I do

I never get tired of the Monkey Island soundtrack.. A remix of the MI main theme was what I started my career here at with on August 24, 05... But the game has so many more great tunes that I decided to create a medley that includes them all Well, almost all of them... the Fettucini brothers circus thingy is missing because I never liked this one too much, but as far as I remember, all other tunes of the game are included.. which are:

Scumm Bar theme (00:15 to 01:19)

LeChuck's theme (01:24 to 02:36)

Outlook theme (02:36 to 04:17)

Melee Island theme (04:51 to 05:27)

Following the shopkeeper theme (05:33 to 07:01)

Ghost ship shuffle (07:20 to 08:34)

Melee Island church theme (08:37 to 09:16)

Monkey Island exploring theme (09:16 to 10:07)

Game-part-intro-theme (10:07 to 10:14)

Guybrush and Elaine theme (10:14 to 11:58)

Oh, and for those of you who enjoy a little easter egg hunt, I have also hidden the first measure of the Monkey Island main theme somewhere in this medley... have you found it?

Song was arranged, recorded and played on a Korg X3 workstation with additional use of the Kristal Audio sequencer. Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy it!

General MIDI????? Mix anyone???? No, sorry.
Pretty nicely sequenced, although the blending of the tracks could have been done with a bit more fantasy. Perhaps a split of the some of the tracks would've made it more interesting.
I love the arrangement, but some of the sounds feel pretty cheap and flat.
I don't care about technical imperfections as long as the spirit is there. Brings back great memories!
Who cares if it's General Midi, as long as it's enjoyable? Great task to put all those sweet melodies in a mix...
Good one!
All the monkeys in one place, a monkey island fans dream really.. Unfortunately not mine but as it stands its fine.
Love it :) Good memories here.
Not the best mix of this song but its ok since I love Monkey Island and it still is one of the best adventuregames ever!
A lot of tunes to put together here and I feel AmiGamer has done a pretty good job capturing the atmosphere of the original.
Listen again. Some really good, catchy interpretations and lots of variety with appropriate transitions.
Lighthearted and catchy. Nice.
Just great!!!
This shit is top notch! Great work.
Wonderfull idea! A real "Happy Day" mix. Thx!:-)
Quality work all round with maximum monkey memories!
A very `full featured` quality remix for one of my favorite adventure game. Thanks!
Is the remix completely made with Korg keyboards? I love the Korg sounds! Been a Korg fan since the 90s!:)
A bit flat but otherwise okay!

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