AmiGamer - Monkey Island Theme

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Monkey Island has always been one of my favourite games, and the soundtrack was good enough for me to record it to tape and listen to it for days when I was a kid (yes, tape... burning CD's wasn't something you could do back these days, unless you had your own, well-equipped studio *lol*).
So what better music to start my career here at amigaremix than the Monkey Island main theme?
Although I really liked the "interruptive" style of the original theme's background patterns, I filled these breaks in my remix for the benefit of adding more "action" to the whole song... hope you like it!
Song was arranged, recorded and played on a Korg X3 Workstation.
Well, not bad... But don't make me fly to monkey island
Very nice start, but it doesn't really add very much... Good work anyway
It's ok, but little short....
Niente male, peccato sia un po' corto.
Nice carribian feeling but its too short
Upgrading my vote from good to very good, cos I turn up the volume everytime this is playing in my playlist. I think it has something to do with the great start and really nice instruments! Love it :)
Excellent execution!
Intense intro, good instruments.
This one is GREAT! Perfect pirate theme. It really sets the mood! Perfect!
Really hard one to remix well, since the original tune is so well done. But this is a great rendition.
Delicous! But too short. I want a lifetime of this music, not 1 minute ;-D tihi
Just a little bit too short IMO - but much more interesting than your other Monkey-Remix.
Great! Well done!:-)
Almost a yellow.

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