AmiGamer - Odyssey Parts 2 and 4

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AmiGamer Adept
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I don't know about you, but I think the Odyssey background music beats anything that has ever been heard on an Amiga. Greg of Alcatraz has really outdone himself here, creating seven addictive masterpieces.

This, of course, creates quite a problem for a remixer: How do you remix a piece of music that is absolutely perfect the way it is? Even the slightest change means almost inevitably a loss of quality.

So, after years (really!) of hesitating to put my hands on this music, I decieded the only way to go was to stick close to the original while improving the techniqal quality (okay, the Amiga rocks when it comes to sound but qith today's technology, things still can be made much better), adding a few things here and there and keeping the re-arranging on a low level.

I still felt the way that Peter Jackson must have felt when  he decided to film "Lord of the Rings"

I picked my personal favourite songs of Odyssey (2 and 4) for my remix.

Song was arranged, recorded and played on a Korg X3 workstation with additional use of the Kristal Audio sequencer. Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy it!

The sound is very mid-90s, and lacks a bit of punch. However, the arrangement is really great imo, which gives the over all impression of the tune a good nudge up.
This remix has more to give in mixing IMO. Otherwise good work and what makke said.
The first half sounds a little bit dull to me but the second half is just GREAT!:-)
Really like it. Carefully done remix. Enjoyable!
Very good interpretation!
It's quite good once it FINALLY kicks in :P
Nice piece. Understand you put a careful hand on this remix, but too careful imo. The soundpicture is just too weak for my taste...
That rocks. Well done!!!
Lovely ICERAIN ROLAND SOUNDS, Lovely FRESH MIX, fully reinterpreted, some newage... OUTSTANDING

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