AmiGamer - Seven Gates of Jambala - Heavy Metal Gates

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A while ago, I wanted to join a group of people who were producing a fan-based movie of an old SciFi TV series ("The Tripods"). Needless to say, the part I was most interested in was creating a soundtrack for it.
The folks who were in charge there wanted to have an example of my work to check out how good I am and the task they gave me was to create a reproduction of the soundtrack of "Seven Gates of Jambala".
I don't really like the soundtrack all that much, I mean, it's okay but a bit boring, in my humble opinion... but oh well, it was a job to qualify for higher things so I did it. I tried to compensate the more or less uncreative soundtrack by giving a "heavy" guitar-based sound to it.
Unfortunately, the movie project got cancelled for the time being due to the project leader having serious health problems... well, but since I have this remix on my hdd now, I might as well share it with the rest of the world, right? *s*
Thanks for listening, I hope you like it.
Song was arranged, recorded and played on a Korg X3 workstation.
High quality arrengement, poor variation.
No variation, quality instruments, but way to plain, this one could be much better when worked through
Great Sound!
The keys are nice, but I HATE these "guitars".
Great remix of an Epic tune from an even more epic composer
Wow, what a powerfull version from the original. Well done!!!

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