AmiGamer - Winter Games (Gold Medal Medley)

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There are three things I remember about Winter Games: A sore wrist, various broken joysticks and a soundtrack that, albeit a bit weird, remained in my memory until today, 20 years after I've played this game for the first time.

Since this game has always been a favourite of mine in the C64 (or, in my case, Amstrad)-era, I thought it would be a nice idea to try and do a medley of my most favourite sound pieces:

Ski Jump (00:00 to 01:07)

Bobsled (01:08 to 03:20)

Hotdog (03:29 to 05:35).

The most difficult part was to find some acceptable harmonies for the middle part of the Hotdog theme (in the original game, this melody was played without harmonies at all, just the main melody, so I had to imagine something that I hope sounds good ).

Song was arranged and performed on a Korg X3 workstation with additional effects from PSR-4000 multifunctional keyboard and with the Kristal Audio Sequencer.

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy it.

A good mix of all the tunes from Winter Games, put together well. It loses its way a little in the lead instrument department but works pretty good on the whole. And the Hot Dog section is awful, otherwise it'd have been orange.
On the odd times the sounds collide with each other but I must say I had a very nostalgic feeling listening to this so there's much right there.
A really good idea that is a little ruined by some bad covering of the original tunes. Great instrument selection though.
Great idea! Nostalgia deluxe! Good selection of instruments, but it lacks a bit in the mixing, making the tune over all a bit muddy.
Nice Track. It feels like Winter Games 2007.
Reminds me of the amiga (and naturally amigamer would be involved heh), its a nice enough tune and doesnt offend in anyway, it just doesnt do anything special.
Does sound rather modish - but I do like it - its easy to listen to at 4. 10 the base changes to orinico flow by enya I think lol but its nice
Good mix, but it dosent give that extra spice to it.
Goal achieved, it made me smile :)
Some of the samples sound like a cheap Amiga MOD, but all in all it's Ok.
Ski Jump is amazing!!! Bobsled ruins that great start... Hotdog is something between good & very good. All in all - good one! Bravo on idea :)
Good work ami gamer!
Never heard before. Well performed though not a favourite of any sorts
Sounds quite 'amiga-sound-stylish' in many parts in my opinion though!
That's a good medley, give us more :)
Sounds ok, although a bit old-fashioned (Amiga mod) and there's a sound with a very high pitch starting 2:18 (till 2:25?)
Very athmospheric beginning and cool music sytlee. But the sample quality after the begin sounds low. That´s so sad. And please rip off that bangles akkord at04:04mins. That destroys the whole track.
I like this one a lot. With a bit better mixing and mastering this would be totally cool.
Nice idea. But the mix should end at 3:28!
Everything was ok, until the damn lead let out. Shame.
Good ideas, well compiled. Interesting opening (ski jump).

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