Beginning (Space Flight Mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Jeroen Tel
All-Time charts position:

Hearing it again and i find it way to monotone... dont like it anymore...


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Really nice melody but I miss the wow effect in the mix ^^
Very good rendition, unsurprising, but very good.
Very spacy, not too spicy. Nice, but a bit too crusty choice for a remix.
Good stuff, by the numbers! Just a bit boring...
Yeah! I really like the Amok style.
If it had more variation, it would be outstanding IMO.
Extended version with something extra would be nice.
Great, as usual ;-)
Nice clean sound, but little personality
Not bad. Straightforward remix, but lacks something which I can't define.
Too slow I probably heard a better version, nothing new and such things
Personally I think this is a nice and 'actual' remake of Jeroen Tels tune. Like it. :) Reminds me of Hazels version. And we know where Hazel is to day. But... Just my 2 koins...:)
This is a very good production and arrangement, but the lack of variation makes it a bit boring towards the end.
To bad it had to be 4x4, excellent begining, but after and after it just goes ordinary.

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