Amok - Cybernoid II - (r u done mixing yet)

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Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
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One of my absolute favourite SID´s. Although there are already millions of remixes i had to do this one. I tried to make a relaxing, synthi version and no unzy, faster, harder techno track... ;)


Thanks for the very positive feedback...


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Nice melody line but all feels just a bit lightweight.
Pleasant listening
Very good. I like almost all of your remixes. My cup of tea ;o)
Uppers : Instruments and Effects ; Downers: Arrangement and Percussion. Suprising workrate Amok!, almost a tune every fortnight!
Liked this a lot! Soft synth sound at its best!
Nice enough remix but there are more interesting ones done already
Another great newcomer! I like it - soft, with a great balance. Got some good unz, but doesn't overpower you. Keep it up!
Pretty good, faithful cover. Could be outstanding with better drums!
It feels like eating a plastic hamburger: too unnatural, too "by-the-numbers", no taste. Good arrangement, high sound quality, I just can't get the plastic taste out of my mouth.
Nothing against synth or soft or even both, but this sounds so run-of-the-mill and yes... Plastic. Flat. More spacey sounds would've helped... Maybe. Maybe a bit more towards ambient. Oh, I don't know either. Well executed, though.
Well improved. One of the best Cybernoid2 around actually :) Too bad Cybernoid 2 isn't one of the easiest ones, because of the melody.
With another kick this could be red (imho) - but a great version of an often mixed track. Great work with the lead!
Really great. I like the remixes that stay true to the originals. This could well play in a remake of the game, if one was made :)
Perfect mix to been used in a game remark.... Well Done.
I was afraid this was Yet Another Cybernoid II tune. But I'm glad I was wrong. It's got what it takes to stand a little bit out from the crowd, and it's very nice listening to. Props for making the best version of the last part. Many have failed here!
Now that is an good piece of work
One of the best Cybernoid 2 remixes - but Cybernoid 2 is, because of its sound and feel, one of the hardest SIDs to remix (not to say impossible). So I still feel I need to keep the vote at
Vey nice arrangement :)
Very very gooooooooooooood!
I generally don't like C64 remixes with speech in them. This is an exception to that rule though! Like it!
Almost an orange if only it wasn't so bland.
Not bad, but a little plain and boring!
Some might say boring but I've always enjoyed this one. Nice and mellow.

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