Danger Freak 2K8

Track info
Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
All-Time charts position:

I had still many ideas but i had to overclock my CPU to play the remix in madtracker without a complete system-crash. i have reached the limits of my shitty soundcard...


The next things i will do are purchasing a new soundcard and maybe a change to FL or Reason... ;)


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It's simple, but it works! Well done!
The first 30 secs are ok, but then boredom rules.
I agree with omoroca. Use more channels and trancey effects, snares, just flavour the song a bit more. Good taste and choice of track.:)
Simple and cute
I really like this one, it's simple and well done. And I don't think it's boring at all. Rather relaxing.
Unofensive 80's style track, it doesnt do anything particulary special but its still quite nice to sit and listen too, the piano's a little flat though
Begins nicely, but quickly become a very basic "pling-plong" "bang-bling" remix. Really expendable, sorry :(
The lead piano is very weak in this context. The arrangement is only so-so, it's not going anywhere. Better instrumentation wouldn't hurt, either.
My humble vote for the month :)
I found many little things I like in this tune, but overall it's boring if it wasn't for the fact that it sounds more "hülsbeckish" than the original. That alone warrants a yellow.
Again the drums sounds a bit soundtracked, but I'm not going to pull that down from the VG mark. The song is well mixed, and the intro was very nice. This is perhaps the best Amok tune I've heard.
Sorry mate, average for me.

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