Grand Prix Circuit (Piano-Edit)

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Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Kris Hatlelid
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The sound is well mixed, but cold and lifeless - which goes for the arrangement as well. The drums are completely dead.
Well produced version of a good original tune. It needs a little bit of life injected into it, however. It seems there's only two drum sequences used throughout the tune, for instance.
It isn't a bad remake, just as the others have said, very plain and lacking. More variation and energy is required to lift it.
IMO, GP Circuit remix must have some BALLS! Like a rock band trying hard in the middle of the track during the GP! (the original one is more synthpop like it should for a challenge theme.. ) But hey, this one is not bad, just a bit too artificial!
The piano feels very stiff and lifeless. I also don't think this style was a good choice for this tune. Solid production that's lacking energy.
At last a decent mix of my all time favourite tune. Needs a bit more punch to get higher marks.
Soft but nice piano
One of my favorites, great work.

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