Ice Age (Punchless-Mix)

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Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
All-Time charts position:

I always loved the original tune but i didnt know where it was from. I only knew it from a Bros-Intro until i stumbled over the great remix by SevenEleven.


Thank you all very very much for the great votes


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I am unfamiliar with the original song, but this is very nice and feels like a C64 melody. The only bit I don't like is the piano that comes in just before 2 mins into the tune, it reminds me of 90's style "Yazz -The only way is up" - I like it though!
OMG Amok! This is probably the no. 1 remix-tune of 2008!!! I'm a total sucker for this kinky space-synth beat stuff! Great work!
Typical Amokstyle ;) and I like it :D
Good clean fun of a relatively lesser known Tel piece!
This is very well produced, Amok. You really succeeded in getting the right mood of the original tune. I DO like the piano (Euro 4ever)
Great sound quality. You catched the spirit of Jeroen Tels tune in a perfect way. Outstanding!!!
Nice and catchy, good work Amok.
It sounds good and it is quite pleasant to listen
I'm very impressed by the production quality. Thick and clean.
MORE piano ;o) Put that one to the other great AMOK remixes
Thank you for this very good remix
Very well done! The lead sound is a bit soft for me, but overall, very enjoyable.
This one lit up my day!
Cool spacesynth arrangement, what a chilly ride over that icy planet... A nice choice. Okay, Amok, I am fully convinced =) In the beginning I guessed your potential. Um, it still reads "newcomer"... Coolness 8-)
SpaceTrance! ;) yeah
Excellent in many ways, would've got a red face from me if all the notes were as in original (I loved the SID). Still, it's ok like this too.
Very very good remix! Almost red face.
Awesome tunage.
Directly from space : trippy as hell!

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