Panther (Whittaker vs Beastie Boys)

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Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
David Whittaker
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Me likes this a lot :) But something is missing to be red (for me)... But definitly a keeper :D
Um... Well, hip-hop isn't exactly my cup of tea, but I've got to be fair here. And I actually moved my feet to the beat. Nothing to complain about. Found a cozy place on my harddisk, too.
After the first seconds I thought "what is that?? " then I heard a style that is Amok-untypical. But I like the song, fresh and good remix idea and special style.
I'll be keeping this one, nice remix :)
Really untypical for Amok, the lyrics fit really good nice work love the sid
Brave attempt at a fucking hard tune - whitakkers are not easy as they hang on to notes so long - its good - and solid - wont set the world alight but I like it! Nice work!
Sorry... IMHO this simply doesn't work.
They vocals don't really fit in to the blend. It feels like a separate track on top of a remix. Otherwise, interesting idea.
At some points, vocals don't follow the tune, lead needs to be harder, it don't work with beat.
Something different that actually works. Great job.
A crib from Romeo Knight? Still sounds good, just not quite as good ;)
Great stuff, Hip hurray!
BB mixed with SID - I am speechless. I think it works and I feel the beat. However the production needs more polishing. The samples are not totally synchronised and amplitudes need remixing. The idea&composition = red, the production = yellow :-)
Amok gets right on my christmas list with this tune, its my ring tone on my phone now the damn thing just kicks ass \o/
YEAAAH! This one rocks! Very good and catchy remix!
Yeah! Very good track!
Not bad! The background track could be a bit more sophisticated, though.
Dance rap! Hip-hop lyrics with a strong dance rhythm that does the old-skool-y lyrics justice! Why didn't the Beastie Boys do it like this themselves?
Vocals sometimes a bit out of sync with the rythm and could use a little more variation. Still well done :)
I like beastie boys, I like remixes, but this one doesn't do it AT ALL
Just brilliant.

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