Spellbound (Final Assault)

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Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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Finally i switched to Renoise. This is my first remix done in Renoise. I know, a bit static sometimes but there are still many many things in Renoise i didnt discover yet. Things only can become better...
Haven't had a Spellbound in a while, and this one is done well :)
One of my all time fav SID's. This remix is top notch, the strings perhaps a bit strong in places but hey thats just me. Is it my fav remix of this SID? Well its the best of your 3 but a close 2nd to my personal fav Devilhood. Cheers for the ears.
A really nice, slightly faster paced version of the track than I had anticipated, but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.
The instruments sound rather sterile, the staccato strings are a bit out of place. It could pass as good game music today, but overall I feel it lacks the deep emotion of the original SID.
I am normally hard to convince and all are right regarding the small flaws, but the composition simply left me speechless. The battle between the beat and the classical instruments is outstanding!!! I am still humming the theme... FANTASTIC Amok!
Nice one! But I like to see you remixing some new SIDs :) Btw: good choice to switch the package :P
Very Good.
Excellent idea, but some sounds are thin, strings too strong, overall beat needs to be much stronger. Idea is here, just correct details :)
One of favorite C64 tunes, absolutely great version!
Amok, you have made a truly great remix out of this. It's a great original tune, and it's well preserved and further developed in an inspiring way in this remix. Nice!
A great arrangement of a great original tune.
Ah... I envisioned some middle age orchestral instrumentation on this. I believe it would sound much better. This is a bit too light & fluffy for my taste.
Nice one.
It is maybe to high mark because of the little need in proper tuning and mixing the instrumetns but it impress me and I like the style you made it... Please make better version....
A touch of medieval sounds

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