Star Paws (Chilli-con-Jarre-Mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
All-Time charts position:

Cool... I can write additional infos to my tunes again...


The idea was a calm, simple arranged remix with the focus on the melodies. I tried to do it in a jarreish style.


The track is very successful on

Just entered the Gamemusic-Charts on 1st position and the Electro-Charts on position 47! For me, its an amazing result, in spite of im doing remixes since december 2007 after a break of 17 years of makeing music anyways...


After the overall feedback this track seems to have only 2 alternatives: love it or hate it... Thanks for all the feedback...

Nice. Easy to listen to and I enjoyed that. Basic but not overladen :)
This is a nice enough track, whose main concerens would be that it is a little longer than some may like, with little variation. Also a few wrong notes let it down in the piano part.
Some nice ideas in this remix. Good one!
Good work - and I like it - few issues could have been dealt with but its solid rather than stunning
Technically great, but the arrangement is too simple, there's little variation in the rhythm so it feels like it drags on.
Nice easy-listening track!
Again you pin-pointed one of my least favourite songs around (just waiting for your Delta remix to completet it ;-). At least your remix is way better than the original.
I like Jarre very much so you`ve got my vote! And special kudos for the remix name... :O)
Doesn't work imho!
Well done remix, but a bit boring to me
Another solid remake by Amok. The piano part in the beginning pulls it a bit down unfortunately. It's a difficult part though. Rest is very relaxing and a bit Jarre-ish.
Very atmospheric and it has sounds from Jarre, it was a pleasure to listen. Thanks
Piano ruins it completely.
Wow, very good and atmospheric
This is - by far - one of the smoothest, softest takes on Star Paws I've heard so far - in every respect of the word, it's easy listening done right!

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