Stormlord (The calm before the storm)

Track info
Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Johannes Bjerregaard & J. Tel
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Yeah! That's what I call a catchy remix with nice production.
Nothing's gonna displace Cirdan's version but this comes pretty close to the mark for a SID that is beautiful and yet so not covered enough.
Sweet and lovely :D really perfect nice beat
I don't agree with all of the instruments - some of them make it sound a bit more cheaply than the arrangement suggests - but still a (very dark) orange!
Very nice work in here Amok, very nice :)
Same with nicodaemus. (imho) Some instruments do not fit. But this one is so near to the red.
Yes that's pretty good
Valiant effort, but the lead instruments are not punchy enough. Overall, though, quite likable.
Solid work as ALWAYS!
I kept it on repeat when I heard it the first time. I love the mix of the original lead with the hard beat. It is brilliantly produced and especially the start is awesome. My only criticism is that the final mix sounds too much as an old Amiga demotune
Great Job
Sorry, but no one comes close to N-JOY's version.

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