Wings Of Death - Level 6

Track info
Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Jochen Hippel
All-Time charts position:

That remix was great fun for me. It was the first Gametrack i ever remixed about 18 years ago on the amiga. Im a bit confused coz Nils Schneider decleared this track as level 5 tune...


Thanks to the Radio-Paralax-Community and especially to Paralax himself for ripping the original speech-samples from the Title-Track...

Amok's best track so far imho. It lacks some fresh ideas, i. E. The end is exactly the same as Nils Schneider's version. Otherwise it's WOD, so it's great!;-)
Nothing 2 add... All mentioned above: ya best remix! Keep them coming, mate!
Sounds good :) amok goes his way to the top remixers ;)
Very enjoyable!
Yeah! That's what I call a very good Remix!
You've used my ending, how innovative!:)
Spoiled by a number of wrong notes and an overall static approach - where's the energy of Hippel's original tunes?
A nice remix. But it shows how well Nils Schneider did with his Blazing Wings remixes. It's in a different class
A wonderful combination of low-key/low-bpm and happy hardcore makes this one better than the competition!
Nice and good as always
Nice job.^^

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