Amp - Test Drive 2 (Infinite Sadness Mix)

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Amp Veteran
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Damn it, I thought this was gonna be a corker at one point, Amp has the right idea here just something in the production isnt quite right
Credit for tackling a tune that many wouldnt even consider.. Not quite coming out smelling of roses but it sounds quite nice.
Not sure all the notes are correct in there... Kudos for the original take on!
Menacing and utterly sad. Mission accomplished!
The idea's quite nice, and kudos for that, but the execution isn't - too many instruments sound like they want control of the tune. Needs better mixing to sound less in your face.
Yes, infinite sadness is a good title
To sound sad is not enuff.
Ouch, some parts should have been redone. Maybe the quality of instruments too. Nice to see some original tune-choices though.
Good idea, but the execution is not there. Maybe more effects (reverb, echoes, etc. ) would've helped here. And definitely some better instruments. Too bad...
Sounds as if it doesn't sound like it's supposed to sound. If ya know what I mean...

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