Legend of Kage (Nostaliga)

Track info
Arranged by:
Analog-X64 Remixer
Composed by:
Fred Gray
All-Time charts position:
Nice, raw sound, decent mixing, but too long, too boring, and too repetitive. The whole idea needs to be compressed down to something less tedious.
Though the tune is slower than the original, the early 80's sound shines through the tempo change. As far as the arrangement goes, instruments are crisp and content smacks of the era.. Seems that was the intent, and for me it works really well. Good work!
Nice! I really like the warm and fat analog sound. Moody and skillfully remixed, I think you have made a modest tune quite interesting so well done!
Quite enjoyable!
I like analog sounds as much as the next guy, but the arrangement here is a bit too simple and repetitive for my taste. Maybe if it was shorter, it would've had a bigger impact.
Cool, but yeah the length and repetiton.
Legend of Kage remixes are scarce, and this one is quite original and innovative. Luv'it
If it were shorter, people would ask for a longer version. Like the synth pieces of the 80s :D So Iength is okay, sound is awesome, even because simple.

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